Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bit's and Bob's...

The weather today has been lovely blue sky. Perfect for painting, so we sanded down and coated the stern end with red oxide again as the finish wasn't that good here.

We've also tried to get a bit more done on the galley, the adaptors for reducing the 1 1/2" sink waste down to an 1" pipe seemed extortionate from M/C but we needed them. We warmed the suction pipe ends with boiling water to soften and expand them, this made pushing onto the adaptors easier and once cool it was a tight fit and the s/s jubilee clips shall make sure they don't come off.

This is our second skin fitting and we were a lot more confident drilling the hull this time, leaving the final connection until I bring my tap spanner next week, forgot it today.

One pair of side hatch doors were also finished today, these will be painted grey with a black panel and some sort of fancy decoration, probably of roses.

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