Saturday, 29 September 2012

Filling in the gaps...

Today was very windy near us and the rain threatened a few times but just managed to stay away. Last weekend one of our jobs was to fill the joints in that had annoyed us ever since picking the boat up last year. A recess was visible down both sides of the boat where the roof gutter/hand rail and side steel sheets had been welded together, the epoxy filler used last week was ready to sand off and the wind came in handy as it removed the dust as we sanded. Wasn't able to complete the job as we ran out of paint to cover the bare metal.
Recess filled in along gutters.

Holes filled and ready for primer.
The stern doors also got a sanding down today and painted with their first layer of undercoat. We now need to find somewhere that sells red oxide paint at a reasonable price as we've run out.


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