Sunday, 26 August 2012

Front doors fitted...

Today's weather hasn't been that bad really, apart from a very heavy shower mid morning it's been quite a nice day. Just what we needed to get a bit more work done on the front doors.

We removed the boards covering the metal front doors for the last time and set about fitting the flush bolts in the oak liners that will eventually secure the fixed leaf. I think fitting flush bolts to be one of the worst jobs ever.
Edge of door cut out ready to receive flush bolt.
That's it never want to fit another flush bolt ever.
Flush bolts fitted :)
 I decided to fit the lock-keep before hanging the doors which I was glad about later, and it worked a treat with no adjustment needed.
The glass was fitted and beads screwed into place from the inside for security.
 Not much left to do tomorrow, I did manage to snap my only large drill bit so couldn't finish everything. Thank goodness I have another at home, so just need to alter the bottom hole in the cill and fit the keep plates.

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