Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Shower waste pump...

This weekend we did a little more plumbing and set the shower waste pump into the floor ready for when we get the shower tray,
 Below. Shower pump set into the floor. I think if I was doing this again I would probably fit a gulper instead of a sump pump as the lid isn't water tight and will over flow without warning if we ever forget to switch it on, with the gulper I imagine paddling around in water would be enough of a reminder to switch it on quick.
 A bit more of the floor will need to be cut away when we get the final shower tray outlet position.
This is the sump pump we fitted.


  1. thanks for sharing your blog its great, we are at the stage now of doing the shower pump, can you suggest a good gulper pump as i dont know anything about shower pumps and im worried i may get the wrong one Karen

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for reading the blog and posting. I'm not confident we know enough to be giving advice on shower waste pumps, but if I was to do our shower again I reckon the one we fitted on the wash basin would easily cope with the job. I wouldn’t be so worried about forgetting to switch the sump pump on and flooding the boat before it was too late. If you need advice I suggest you ask at your local chandlers.

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