Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fibreglass porthole liners…

Finally received our eight fibreglass porthole liners on Friday so we started the oak boarding this weekend. Very disappointed with the liners as we were told they would be an oak colour, their not! Just a horrible yellowish resin colour. Very low quality, at least one has a small split in it and there are puddles of resin on several of them.
It’s looking likely we’ll try to stain them to match the oak or if that fails bin them and have some wood ones made.


  1. I would have sent them back for a refund if you were told they would be oak coloured.

  2. try MD Woodtech, in Tipton, they have made a lot of components for us, and are very high quality and guaranteed.
    mobile: 07866948751

    Marcus is the boss there, and knows a lot about narrow boats, boats liners and houdini hathces etc.
    Hope this helps