Friday, 11 November 2011

Decision time...

I think one of the hardest decisions to make when fitting out a new boat is what toilet waste system to go for, cassette or pump out. Now we’ve read lots on the forums about this subject over the years and have come to the usual conclusion, it’s all down to personal choice, someone will always disagree and argue the pros and cons, to be honest we‘ve changed our minds several times.

Finally going for a cassette toilet. After caravanning for many years the thought of emptying a cassette every couple of days doesn’t bother us at all, and with a couple of spare cassettes we should get a week between empties, plus it’s free to empty, takes up less room and when your boat is stuck in icy water you can still empty it.

Had to shop around but finally found someone that did the one we wanted, a Thetford C250S with no cistern and a ceramic bowl, first one came smashed but today’s replacement was ok.

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