Sunday, 30 October 2011

Battening continues...

Today we continued with the battening and what seems like a never ending task of drilling each batten to the steel ribs below the gunwales, seeing as we don't have mains electricity sorted yet everything is done with battery tools and we only have six batteries worth of drilling each day, above the gunwales battens are stuck straight onto the steel and braced across the boat for supports until the adhesive dries.

It's been a nice sunny day today and lovely and warm inside the boat.


  1. Wow she looks huge, how long is she? It's funny seeing yours like that, brings back memories of how mine looked! When the bulk heads go in,it makes the defined places look wider! You must be loving seeing your boat taking shape!


  2. Hi Debbie, She's 57ft. When we first saw her a few weeks ago we thought she was big too, but doesn't now we've got used to her. This weekend has gone pretty well and it good to see things moving along.

    Corinne & Mark.

  3. Hi, that is such a perfect size, mine is 50, but I would have 57 /58ft if I ever have another one. Look forward to seeing more pics of the fit out!